Shortcut to Divorce

I do not remember any show with more diverse and important topics than the ones presented on Monday's show.

For our famed "Talking Points" we covered everything from "what annoys your mate" to "what is fueling the Iraqi insurgency" to "why would you write a make believe story that could fuel a Holy War" — ahem, Newsweek (search). OK, we all make mistakes, but I just don't understand why The New York Times would spend over a year making the Abu Gharib (search) prison abuse scandal front page news nor do I get why Newsweek would put a an co-operated story about U.S. interrogators ripping up the Koran at Gitmo in their magazine. Do they really think it will sell more copies make them more money and won't have any ramifications? Well, not many I know pick up Newsweek for the dirt on Gitmo and, as for a price to pay, how about 16 killed and over 100 hurt in rioting around the globe? Evidentially in most Muslim countries ripping up the Koran is punishable by death.

On the lighter side, I can't believe this spouse study actually concluded leaving wet towels on floor, using a fork to scratch your back and leaving the toilet paper holder empty could lead to divorce. It seems one time is no big deal, but keep it up and your eventually exiled to another more tolerant woman. In this case, it seems if you don't sweat the small stuff you're out with all your stuff. By the way burping, picking your nose, calling her "babykins," also not good for a couple long term.

The runaway bride might have been heading to another former flame in New Mexico when she disappeared two weeks ago. He said she's crazy with a healthy sexual appetite. Can anyone blame her fiancé if he goes jogging and doesn't come back?

Finally, I am just in awe of our fighting force in Iraq. The Marines with Operation Matador (search) took on true trained killers by the Syrian border and slaughtered them. They just do not get enough credit and we on "FOX & Friends" want them to know we appreciate your sacrifice more and more with each passing day along with their families left here at home! Can't wait to come to work some day soon and hear in my earpiece the Pentagon confirms we got Zarqawi! I just sense if there was no war in Iraq, Zarqwai would be here instead of running for his life over there!

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