Opie and dopey got canned because they sent someone into St. Patrick's Cathedral to have sex as a shock jock radio stunt.

The FCC is looking into the matter, and it is possible — though not highly likely — that the Feds could yank the multi-million license of the radio station that employed these two.

Good. The FCC needs to paint a few more bright lines on the radio road. It's one thing if radio jocks say dirty words. That only offends the listeners.

Where should the bright line be painted? At the point where you send out listeners to bother and offend ordinary citizens who are not tuned in, who are minding their own business… like praying in St. Pat's, let's say.

I once worked for a guy in radio who buried money around town and gave clues on the air designed to throw people off, and get them to start digging on the wrong spot. Under the new FCC rule, you wouldn't be able to encourage your listeners to go around digging up your town.

Same with Opie and dopie. You can't cause your listeners — with prizes and trips to exotic spots and stuff — to go bother and offend people who have done nothing to deserve such foul disruptions as public sex in the nation's most famous cathedral.

If God wants to weigh in on the matter, that's fine too. I'm just talking about earthly rules for radio jocks.

As for those of you who say, "The priests did it, and they got away with it."

Not now, they don't. Even if cardinals looked the other way before, that's over.

Come on, this is so simple. You want sex, get a room and not a church.

That's My Word.

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