Shed Weight With the 3,500-Calorie Weight Loss Program

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Obesity has long been a growing problem in America, where more than 40 million people are 30 pounds or more overweight.

But one celebrity trainer believes he has found the secret to permanent weight loss.

"People are overeating," celebrity trainer Robert Reems told "Thirty-three percent of Americans can’t control their weight, simply because they do overeat."

While fad diets and supplements promise to slim you down, the reality is that weight lost through fad diets can and will come back, Reems said.

But a new program developed by Reems has people sticking to their goals one day at a time.

"With the 3,500 Calorie Countdown program, this is supporting and teaching you how to eat correctly, how to exercise to maximize your abilities, to facilitate your goals, and it will definitely give you a lifestyle that will support you at your goal weight," explained Reems.

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Reems’ program calls for burning 500 calories a day, which adds up to 3,500 calories and one pound of weight loss per week.

Courtney Hanrahanhas, 31, lost 12 pounds in three months on Reems’ plan. The part Hanrahanhas likes best is that she doesn’t have to starve herself.

"So part of the program is actually eating, not skipping meals, working out, and you don’t have to be all or nothing," she said.

Reems said you don't need to go to the gym for hours to burn calories. He lists these easy ways to shed calories and pounds:

— Walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator can burn about 100 calories

— Dancing for 20 minutes can burn up to 100 calories

— Washing your car can burn 280 calories

— Playing outside with your kids for 10 minutes can burn 80 to 140 calories

Hanrahanhas keeps track of her weight loss progress with a calorie counter and a food diary. And Reems said she's got the right idea.

"You need to attain a lifestyle that will maintain and get you to a weight that you can control for life,” he added. “Go out there, get moving, make good nutritional choices, get your rest, and have a good time with it."