Sharon Stone Acts Wacky at Auction With 'Naughty Little Germans'

Sharon Stone has been known for eccentricities and bizarre antics before, but she might have outdone herself this week at an auction in Berlin when she tried to entice participants to bid by calling them "naughty little Germans."

All decked out in a formal evening gown, Stone, 48, was acting strangely at the Cinema for Peace gala in the German capital city Monday as she guided the bidding process onstage, according to, which posted the video.

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First, she silenced guests in attendance with an extended "ssshhhhh" and made little hand gestures.

"You talk, you bid; you move, you bid; you look at me wrong, you bid," she warned, eliciting laughter. "You got it? You naughty little Germans. Naughty, nasty little Germans."

But the madness didn't stop there. Stone just kept going.

"That's why I keep coming back," the "Basic Instinct" actress continued, pretending she was kicking something. "'Cause you're naughty. Nasty. I like it."

Stone then made a cat-call noise with a roll of her tongue. Participants cheered and applauded and those onstage with her chuckled, before a moderator said something in German. Stone then pointed to the first item.

"One thousand euro! Bid," she called out. "Two thousand euro ..." reported that Stone was acting wacky all evening, passionately kissing actor Richard Gere and "barely holding herself together."

Stone's publicist, Cindi Berger, shot down those claims, saying the actress wasn't out of it — she was simply being herself and fundraising for charity.

"She was just being funny," Berger told "That's what she does. She's there to raise money. She raises a ton of money for amfAR [the Foundation for AIDS Research] and she does it very well."

And Stone wasn't drunk or under the influence of drugs during the auction, according to Berger.

"She doesn't drink," she said.

In addition to the "Basic Instinct" movies, Stone's other films include "Bobby," "Casino" and "Total Recall."

Cinema for Peace is an activist organization that holds its annual gala during the Berlin Film Festival. Last year, the group bestowed its Award for Social Responsibility on Stone for her extensive work on behalf of AIDS research.