Shaikh Snatched: What Would You Do with Him?

Al Qaeda operational mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed's interrogators — whether from the CIA, the FBI or a foreign country — are racing against time trying to get information out of him before it becomes dated or useless.

Whether American intelligence can glean anything worthwhile from Mohammed about past or future terror attacks depends on the skill and methods of the questioners, the suspect's willingness to talk and maybe just time.

Mohammed, captured early Saturday in a raid in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, is most likely currently in U.S. custody. He is believed to be not only the planner of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, but also to have been involved in the 1998 African embassy bombings and the 2000 attack on the USS Cole in Yemen.

Shaikh snatched: What would you do with him?

A sample of your responses:

He should be given a birds-eye view of Ground Zero! About 1300 feet up. And then let's send him to "his" heaven. The only bad thing is that his blood doesn't deserve to be on that sacred ground!
I know these feelings are strong, but my brother is a NYPD Sergeant who miraculously survived on that fateful day in September, and I will NEVER forget!
Albany, NY

We should question him as long as it takes to get information out of him - and it might help to use the duct tape we have been hoarding to rip off all his neck and back hair to help him come up with the correct answers - then execute him in the electric chair on national TV for all to watch.
Connie P.
Ponca City, OK

I think that the US government should bring him to trial in the United States, and while awaiting his trial, he should be put in a New York City jail with the general prison population. That should take care of him!

The arrest of this Sheihk is great news. But by no means should they bring him to this country for trail. they should use a military trail. Or we will have all those idiots activist starting all this crap and not only that waste more tax dollars.
Sarah A.
Alliance, OH

After getting every drop of info from him, I would then nair his body (leaving the nair on a long time) and then make him sit on a fire ant hill.
Harriet W.
Wesley Chapel, FL

One way ticket to U.S. $1200.
One way ticket to Gitmo $1200.
One way ticket to U.S. with an intermediate stop in Cairo... Priceless.
Tracy W.
Kernersville, NC

Don't bring him to America for trial, where one of our high powered lawyers will try to get him off, at our expense!  He needs to disappear, without any publicity, in a Pakistani or Turkish prison...
Rich B.
Sherwood, AR

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