Sexism to Blame if Clinton Loses Texas?

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BRENDA BUTTNER, GUEST HOST: Well, back to campaign trail. If Hillary Clinton loses the race for Texas tonight, my next guest says media-driven sexism is going to be the reason why. And she's pointing to photos like these. Here to explain is Darlene Ewing. She is chair of the Dallas County Democrats. All right, Darlene, thanks for joining us. So, tell me about these photos. Obviously, they're not flattering, but we see lots of unflattering photos of all the candidates, don't we?

DARLENE EWING, CHAIR, DALLAS COUNTY DEMOCRATIC PARTY: Well, I don't necessarily — you may see the photos, but I don't think that the media makes an issue of John McCain's wrinkles or his receding hairline, like they do with Hillary and her wrinkles.

BUTTNER: Well, they make an issue of, though, his — of his age definitely. That has been quite an issue in this campaign.

EWING: Well, but age is different than sexism.

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: Well, let me ask you. So, you say it is sexism that might — that might — that might bring her down?

EWING: Well, I think sexism will — will contribute to it, because I think you look at issues that are unrelated to her qualifications and her experience, like some of the cynical comments about her emotional moment in New Hampshire, oh, it was all made up, or...

BUTTNER: Well, wait a minute. If — if — if Obama or McCain were to cry, you can bet it would be an issue on the campaign, don't you think?

EWING: Oh, no. I think they would say, gosh, what a sensitive guy.

BUTTNER: Oh, I'm...

EWING: You know, he is a real sensitive guy.

BUTTNER: I am not so sure. Well, let me — let me ask you this then.


BUTTNER: You know, the very first feminists fought for my right and your right to vote for whomever we wanted. Why should — why is sexism if I choose not to vote for a woman?

EWING: Well, I think it is not sexism if you choose not to vote for a woman because you disagree with the issues. That's not the point. The point is, you have two extremely qualified candidates. And women of my age who have fought for years in the trenches to get to this point, to abandon a qualified candidate for something pretty and new is frustrating.

BUTTNER: But that is not saying much about women, is it? I mean, saying that we choose somebody just because he's pretty over somebody who is qualified. I mean, women are making their own decisions in this matter. Don't you give them the benefit of the doubt?


EWING: Well, I think I do. But what I hear from women over the years is — not over the years — over the campaign — basically, you know, they are saying, well, but he's new and he's different and it's change. Well, I think women in — a woman in the White House would certainly be change. And I think that she's got the track record and the experience and the years of service that justifies her. And I don't — I'm not saying women should vote in lockstep just because it is a woman. There's a lot of women I would never vote for. That's not what I'm saying.

BUTTNER: All right.

EWING: I'm saying she has that baggage of — of sexism that men don't have to carry.

BUTTNER: Well, if — so, if Obama loses, it's racism, and, if McCain loses, it is ageism that took them in?

EWING: No, no, I'm not saying that at all. Obama is a wonderful candidate. This is not about Senator Obama. If he is the nominee of our party, I am going to work just as hard for him as I would have for Senator Clinton. It is not about Obama. It is — it is all about, when all else is even, you know, not supporting the chance for a woman to be in the White House. That's what frustrating.

BUTTNER: All right. Well, I give women the benefit of the doubt here. But thank you so much. We appreciate it.

EWING: You're welcome.


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