Settlement Over Injuries at 2000 DNC Finalized

A federal judge on Wednesday finalized a $1.2 million settlement for 91 people wounded when police fired rubber bullets and beanbags to disperse crowds at the 2000 Democratic National Convention (search).

U.S. District Court Judge Florence-Marie Cooper approved the settlement after no one appeared in court to object to the deal. She had given her preliminary approval last month.

The confrontation occurred Aug. 14, 2000, as police broke up a crowd assembled to hear rock group Rage Against the Machine (search) perform outside Staples Center, where the convention was held.

"We're pleased that the settlement's been finalized, and we hope that the LAPD and other police departments will take this case as a lesson that they cannot intimidate and injure people who are exercising their First Amendment rights," said lead attorney James Muller.

A city attorney's spokesman had previously said the settlement would "justly compensate" innocent participants who were injured outside the convention.

The city previously settled other lawsuits stemming from the disturbance, including $60,000 to seven injured journalists and $1.2 million to a woman who lost her eye during the scuffle.