I have many pet peeves, but one of my biggest is people who don't smile (search).

Non-smilers tell me they don't smile because they have nothing to smile about. I don't buy it. We each bear our own cross in life, some a lot heavier than others. For my money, a good attitude and a good smile, go a long way.

All I know is that I like to be around smilers. And don't like to be around non-smilers.

Look, we can't always smile. But I think we should try, even if you have to fake it. That sounds horrible. But I think our very economy depends on it.

Think about it: The waitress who refuses to crack a smile, usually her service stinks. You don't like the waitress. You don't leave a good tip -- or any tip. She's ticked off. You're ticked off. What have we solved here?

The guy at the electronics store who couldn't be ruder. You lose your temper. The store loses a sale.

I've got a plan: Everyone smile. The people serving. The people served. Come on, everybody.

Studies support what I'm saying here: Smilers get better tips, smilers have more friends and -- this is right from Dr. Ruth last week on my show -- smilers make better lovers.

Smilers make even non-smilers happier. Non-smilers themselves have told me they hate being around non-smilers. Imagine that: They make themselves sick!

So try it. Smile. I'm convinced you'll feel better for it and our economy will be better off because of it.

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