The new Iraqi government now has legal custody over the dictator who ruled the nation for three decades — Saddam Hussein.

Besides Saddam, the United States also turned over custody of 11 of his deputies. On Thursday, Saddam and the others are expected to be formally charged with crimes against Iraq.

In Saddam's case, the charges are expected to include the massacre of Kurds in 1988 and the invasion of Kuwait two years later.

Sentence Saddam: You be the judge!

A sample of your responses:

If found guilty, he should be sentenced to a life time of community service as an Intern for Hillary Clinton and consultant to the ACLU.
Jacksonville, AR

Have Saddam, in disguise, stand in line in front of an Iraq Police recruiting station and see how long before he is blown to bits by a suicide bomber.
Martin R.
Harrison, MI

I am a Gulf War 1 veteran who has suffered colon and lung cancer.  Given my age(32), and no history of cancer in my family, the doctors can only pinpoint my time in the Gulf as the trigger.  Many Gulf vets are also suffering from a range of colo-rectal problems.  I think it only fair that Saddam be injected with every disease that he has caused, and let nature take its course.
Ponca City, OK

I think he should be handed over to his people and let them decide.  I think whatever happens to Saddam, the US should keep out of this decision making, other than safeguarding him for the Iraqi Government.  We should not be viewed as the Judge and Jury on this one.  We are still picking up our face during the prisoner abuse scandal. 
Lori C.

Handcuff Saddam behind his back and turn him loose with 100 women who suffered rape at his hands. Give the women a chance to decide what justice ought to be for a wicked dictator.

Turn him over to the French. They love him so much. He can live with Jacques.
Tim D.
Bryan, TX

To me it's a no brainer. He's quilty and should be beheaded, just like the terrosists have done to many innocent individuals. In addition, any captured terrorists should be swiftly beheaded also. The world would be a better place to live in.
Ginny P.
Zanesville, OH

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