'Send Us the Blond Boy'

Dear Friends of "FOX & Friends;"

"Send us the blond boy."

That's the word from our new Baghdad correspondent, John Cookson, who'd moments earlier had ended his report with "By the way Doocy, you have quiet a following here."

"Really? Tell us more."

"Well..." Cookson continued, "A man here in Baghdad realized I (Cookson) work for FOX News, and he said, ‘We watch your morning show... send us the blond boy.’”

Well. I may be blond, but I will not be Baghdad-bound anytime soon. Sorry to my Iraqi fans.

Behind the scenes, at one point today, Kiran Chetry came into the studio about 8:10 a.m, with a powder puff, to wipe the shine off Brian. "You're are shiny as the Chrysler Building."

Naturally we asked, where the regular make-up person was and she said she was preparing Paulina from our staff for the Kelly Rippa look-alike contest at the Regis show. Paulina could be Kelly's twin -- so the hair and makeup team was continuing the transformation.

So we all gathered around the TV after our program, waiting for our beloved Paulina, who we're sure would when the camera came to her tell the vast Regis audience "Watch FOX & Friends!"

So we waited and waited. No contest. No Paulina.

Then: "They're the meanest people I've ever encountered!" It was Paulina storming back in the newsroom.

She didn't make it into their studio. She never made it past the guard!

Paulina had seen a note online that they were searching for Kelly look-alikes to show up at the studio and compete. So she showed up.  But as soon as the producer showed up, she asked "Did I already talk to you?"

"No. We saw online you were looking for people" Paulina said.

"No, we have everybody already" the producer said and waved Paulina away.

For the record, Paulina looks ten times more like Kelly than ANY of the PRE-ARRANGED look-alikes. Too bad. Paulina not only could be her twin sister, she's also a dedicated FOX News employee, who is currently picking up Brian's dry cleaning.

You blew it Regis!

By the way, if you see Brian, make sure you ask him about his pub-crawl on Fire Island over the weekend.

I would have blogged about it today, but the story is so controversial, it's best that any retelling of the story, is only done, in court.

Have a great day!

See you in the morning!

Steve Doocy