Senator Kennedy's Response to President's Radio Address

President Bush's rhetoric on the strength of the US economy may resonate on Wall Street but is out of step with Main Street, revealing how out of touch the Administration is with the lives of working Americans - especially those making the minimum wage.

Only this President and this Republican Congress would think that soaring gas prices, skyrocketing health care and education costs, stagnant wages, 37 million people in poverty and a $300 billion deficit add up to good economic news.

Minimum wage workers do many of the hardest, and most important, jobs in our society and their lives are becoming more difficult each and every day. Yet, they are not getting their fair share of the benefits from their hard work.

The paychecks of CEOs have soared by more than 73 percent since the last minimum wage increase, but the President and the Republican Congress refuse to give America's workers the raise they deserve.