His colleagues at "Scrubs" wouldn't let Zach Braff get a big head after the success of his movie, "Garden State."

"I was at Sundance feeling very proud of myself," Braff said Sunday, "and the very first thing I had to do when I came back was a scene where I was wearing a full clown suit and having children hit me with balloons."

And that, snickered executive producer Bill Lawrence, didn't even make it on the show.

By design, the medical spoof is getting sillier and sillier in its fifth season, Lawrence said.

For one of Tuesday's episodes, producers dug a trench to film an elaborate scene where Braff's character rides a scooter into a puddle and then pops out of another, nearby puddle.

"Twenty-one seconds, $70,000," Lawrence said. "Thank you, NBC. It made us laugh."