Sci-fi and Two Big Films Opening Wider

Sci-fi and two big films opening wider in the bright concession stand glow of The Foxlight.

From a short story by the same guy who brought us one of my all time favorite movies Blade Runner comes another sci-fi film, Imposter. Gary Sinise has created a weapons system that gets rid of aliens faster than yelling "Who has a green card?" But is Gary an alien himself? And after Men In Black and The 13th Floor is this the only genre Vincent D'Onofrio stumbles into these days? From the same director as Gone in 60 Seconds will he strike "fluke gold" twice?

But will anyone go see this thing with two other films going wider? One is the uber- dysfunctional family comedy The Royal Tenenbaums with Gene Hackman in one of the greatest performances of his career.

The other is one of the best performances of Russell Crowe's career as math whiz-turned- schizophrenic John Nash in A Beautiful Mind. But even with a bunch of Golden Globe nominations, this film is starting to get some bad buzz because it plays fast and loose with the story of this guy's real life. Can that hurt the Gladiator's chances at two Oscars in a row? Remember Hurricane? Russell, call Denzel for condolences.