Schwarzenegger's Skeletons: Serious Threat, or Simply Nothing?

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger voted for a 1994 ballot measure to deny social services to illegal immigrants, his campaign said Sunday -- offering the first glimpse of the actor's stand on a major policy issue.

The Republican has promoted himself as the candidate in California's gubernatorial recall who can best appeal to the state's politically and ethnically diverse electorate.

But Democrats were quick to jump on the disclosure as a chink in the action hero's armor.

The GOP-backed Proposition 187 to deny health care and public education to illegal immigrants was passed by a wide margin, although it was eventually ruled unconstitutional. It remains a contentious issue and a litmus test for some voters, particularly Hispanics, to gauge whether a candidate is immigrant-friendly.

Schwarzenegger's skeletons: Serious threat, or simply nothing?

A sample of your responses:

According to the Democrats, I thought, fooling around IS a prerequisite for elective office. Therefore, Arnold should carry most of the Democratica California vote where or not the allegations are true or not.
Nashville, TN

On the whole, I believe California voters will vote for who they think will do best for their state regardless of personal indiscretions.
Ted P.
New York City, NY

Let them dig up a tape of Arnold groping a reporter, but to be "Fair and Balanced" each trime it is shown, it should be preceeded by the tape of Bill Clinton groping the female attendent on Air Force One.
Lee D.
Topeka, KS

I think Ah-nuld is very popular, but a family man without traditional family values.  We only know a handful of his viewpoints and they aren't Republican (or very good).  So, why dig up his skeletons?  Expose his views!
Jason G.

He came here 35 years ago from Austria and became a successful body builder and actor and businessman.  He is a disciplined and principled man who is married with three children and is very devoted to his family.  Everyone that knows him speaks of him in a positive and warm way.  Why are you people trying to  concoct and fabricate this negative picture of Arnold when there isn't one?  I am not a happy camper upon hearing this question on your show this morning?  If you guys are fair and balanced, why don't you give Arnold the television time to answer your stupid and self-defeating questions?
Marion M.
Marion Juncton, AL

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