Schwarzenegger Gets My Vote

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Hey, get this...I want to talk about this Wednesday’s debate for governor in the once great state of California. Lets take a quick look at the racing form.

Schmooze Bustamante (search). Schmooze is in more hip pockets than a watch on a chain. He didn’t really swallow his medicine, but he at least appeared to wash it around in his mouth at a couple of junctures when painted into a culpable corner, before spitting it out when the audience was being upbraided by the whiny moderator for the umpteenth time.

Note to moderator: Some people have a stick up their butt, you have Excalibur. Bustamante didn’t lay a glove on Arnold. He seemed somewhat intimidated because if I’m not mistaken Arnold already defeated MEChA (search) in one of his films.

Tom McClintock. Good man, but can’t win. And the sane people in California can’t afford to not win this time. McClintock can fall on his sword and enter the pantheon of selfless lore, or hang in there and become a pariah in the arid desert of post-nuclear Bustamanteville.

I think he’s too smart. I think he ejects and is rewarded with first shot at the appropriately named Barbara Boxer (search), who in a debate with a well-versed wonk like McClintock would look absolutely punch drunk. Check out that debate and you’ll see a deboning cleaner than anything you’ve ever witnessed at Nobu.

The Green Party guy. He doesn’t just fan the class warfare fire, he brings out the industrial-sized bellows and gets it white hot like those glass blowers in Venice. I thought the Green name had something to do with the environment but obviously it’s all about envy. There are a lot of problems in California, but under-taxing is not one of them.

There are people in California now who are contemplating turning all their money over to the state government because they believe they’ll have more access to it as a petitioner than they will as the actual proprietor.

Arnold. The larger than life character who, of the four, came off as the everyman. My candidate. A brilliant track record. Has taken on two endeavors in his adult life and became the biggest success in the world at both of them. The only salvo the opposition can summon so far is some, “wild behavior” in his twenties. Hey, I’ll tell you how deranged I was in my twenties, I might have voted for Gray Davis.

Got that?