Congress cut a deal late Tuesday that will funnel $10.7 billion to New York City to help with the World Trade Center aftermath, the state's two U.S. senators said.

The total is a little more than half the $20 billion President Bush promised to New York City in the days following the Sept. 11 attacks. The White House budget office has said that New York will still receive the full $20 billion — and likely more than that — but not all at once. President Bush had pledged to veto more spending this year.

"It will meet our needs now," Sen. Charles Schumer said of the agreement.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said the pact "represents a substantial down payment in meeting our needs over the long term."

The total agreed to Tuesday earmarks $11.1 billion in emergency aid for areas affected by the terrorist attacks. Of that, $425 million was expected to go to Virginia and Pennsylvania.