School Bus Driver Shot by Police After Dangerous Chase in Illinois

A school bus driver who had just been criticized by his employer was shot and killed by police Friday after he led officers on a chase, ramming police vehicles and other cars.

No children were on the bus but another bus company employee was. She wasn't hurt, but two officers were injured.

South Holland Police Chief Warren Millsaps said the driver was ordered to leave the stopped bus but instead tried to ram officers. He was shot and killed.

Officials at First Student Transportation Co. said the chase began at the company's South Holland facility when they told the man he wouldn't be allowed to drive Friday because of his "attitude."

The man took the bus, and the company alerted police, spokeswoman Glenda Lamont said. The driver picked up one child but dropped the child off at school before the chase began, she said.

The chase ended in a front yard in Glenwood, another Chicago suburb.

The injuries to the officers were not life-threatening, Millsaps said.