Saturday Night Live, Swordfish and Movie Theaters' Charity

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Saturday Night Live copes with disaster, Swordfish gets a warning and movie theaters make a contribution in the warm popcorn glow of The Foxlight.

Will Ferrell's impression of our president may be on the endangered species list.  It will be good to hear the words, "Live from New York, it's Saturday night" this weekend.  But back to normal means a more respectful take on Bush.  So they may not do it.  SNL says they want to do comedy that offers some relief.  Meanwhile, Jay Leno got a huge ovation from his audience recently when he said he couldn't make fun of the president anymore because Bush has gotten smart.

When Swordfish shows up on Blockbuster's shelves the end of October, it will have a disclaimer on it. The label will say "In light of the events of Sept. 11, 2001, please note that this product contains scenes that may be considered disturbing to some viewers." Critics will tell you that's describing the whole movie.  But Blockbuster says it's putting disclaimers on movies that feature terrorism.

Finally, despite mostly mediocre fare at the multiplex, you all did your part on Tuesday.  The movie raised more than five million dollars for the September 11 disaster relief. If you went to the movies on Tuesday, you should feel good knowing whatever you paid to get in and those outrageous candy counter prices is going to charity.

And that's the always outrageous concessions and confessions we butter daily in the bright warming bulb glare of The Foxlight.