Sarah Larson 'Still Friends' With Ex George Clooney

In her first interview since splitting with George Clooney, Sarah Larson reveals that she is still friends with the actor and doesn't "regret spending time with him."

In an interview with the British magazine Hello!, the model and former "Fear Factor" contestant, 30, said that she and Clooney "still remain friends and have kept in touch. In fact, we spoke over the phone a couple of days ago."

As to what she'll take away from her relationship with the 47-year-old actor, Larson said "most people know George has a great sense of humor and is an adept storyteller. But I will always love his extraordinary dance moves."

She dismisses rumors that the two were ever engaged, and said that the current men in her life are "very dark and have lots of hair and weigh 15 lbs" — her cats Lippy and Animal.

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