HBO is suspending production of Sex and the City following the news that the show's star, Sarah Jessica Parker, is pregnant.

The cable network said Friday that it's halting production starting Wednesday to evaluate how to proceed.

The fifth season of the Emmy-winning series, which follows the sexual escapades of four Manhattan women, had been scheduled to begin in June, but HBO tentatively has pushed it back to July.

HBO spokesman Quentin Schaffer said the first two episodes of the 13-week season are being shot now and should be done by Wednesday. Then, the show's producers will wait a few weeks to decide whether they can complete all 13 episodes; if not, they may do just eight.

"Obviously, if they can resume production, that gives them enough time to make it by July," Schaffer said, adding that people at HBO only learned Friday that Parker was pregnant when Liz Smith reported it in her syndicated column.

Parker, who has won Golden Globes the past three years for her portrayal of sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw, is expecting a baby in the fall with husband Matthew Broderick.

Her publicist didn't immediately return phone calls seeking comment.

It will be the first child for the 37-year-old actress and Broderick, 40, who recently completed a run in The Producers, one of biggest hits in Broadway's history. The couple married in May 1997.

One thing her pregnancy probably won't affect: Carrie's trendsetting, over-the-top fashion style.

"I don't know if that will be a factor, really," Schaffer said. "I don't know how far along she is but I don't think it's far enough along for wardrobe to be affected."

Sex and the City already has incorporated one pregnancy story line; Cynthia Nixon's character, Miranda Hobbes, gave birth to a baby boy, though she wasn't pregnant in real life. Parker will be the first of the four women to be pregnant during production.