Sarah Jessica Parker, Cybill Shepard, Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe

Sarah Jessica Parker, Cybill Shepard, Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe are in the The Foxlight.

Sarah Jessica Parker will probably never admit which city she had sex in, but fans think she should have a baby on her HBO series. Mrs. Matthew Broderick is pregnant for real and, according to a poll in the New York Post. she should "carry" little Bradshaw to full term on the air. HBO says no "kidding," and are putting Sex and the City on hiatus.

Speaking of sex, Cybill Shepard's daughter says it was tough having a beautiful mom growing up because she had "boyfriends in high school who wanted to sleep with my mother." Eeeeh. Maybe she and mom could tour in The Graduate after Kathleen Turner and Alicia Silverstone wrap up.

Who saw this coming: Cruise and Cruz are no longer an item? Can a stunned nation go on? British gossip wags say Tom and Penelope are as over as the movie they made together. I wish I could act surprised.

Finally, it's been two weeks and I still haven't gotten an apology from Russell Crowe after our "encounter" at the Oscars. Foxlight fans recall Mr. Congeniality and I had words after I asked if his bad behavior was going to cost A Beautiful Mind any Oscars. Here's the replay. SOT: "My bad behavior? What about your bad behavior. Who dressed you?" (freeze) Who dressed me? Is that the best comeback you can come up with, Crowe-magnon? For the record, Arnold Brant dresses me — but weren't we all in tuxes that night?