Sandra Bullock, David Schwimmer and Claudia Schiffer

Sandra Bullock, David Schwimmer and Claudia Schiffer on the catwalk illuminated only by a Foxlight.

Sandra Bullock's Murder by Numbers may not have delivered much in the way of numbers at the box office, but it did provide a new boyfriend. The New York Post says Bullock was locking her 37 year old lips with her 21-year-old co-star Ryan Gosling the other night. Ryan used to be in the Mickey Mouse Club like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

Meanwhile, at another bar across town the Post reports that Friends star David Schwimmer got a noggin full of someone's bar glass. An unruly patron heaved a drink at someone the Friendly guy was standing near. David became a brief coaster and bled so badly paramedics had to be called. He's fine now. Nothing like this ever happenes at Central Perk.

Finally, Claudia Schiffer is getting married. The guy is rich. But so is she. So they issued a press release saying they don't need a pre-nup. They say "in the unlikely event of a split, neither will make a claim on the assets of the other." Well isn't that statement a pre-nup? And will David Copperfield give the bride away?