San Diego Family Forced to Evacuate Home Shares Story

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GERALDO RIVERA, CO-HOST: At Qualcomm Stadium where the San Diego Chargers football team plays, we spent last night with some of the eight to 10,000 evacuees who are there. Many evacuated just for safety reasons. Others evacuated because their homes have been consumed.

Corrinne and Mario Cuomo and their three children are among the temporary residents of Qualcomm. Corrinne and Mario, no relation I know to the former governor of New York state. But thank you for joining us. Our condolences to you for the destruction of your lives and I know as the father of five myself, how difficult that must be with the children there. But Corrinne, what you hear about your home, honey? Can you tell us?

CORRINNE CUOMO, WILDFIRE EVACUEE: As far as we know, our home is still there. We do not have any more information. Hopefully soon, within a few hours, we will be able to go home.

RIVERA: So do you have any — what is the latest news you have from Rancho San Bernardo?

C. CUOMO: Personally as far as I know, no one can go back. So there are some very small areas that they're opening back up and letting people in. I am hoping our area is very soon.

RIVERA: Mario, have you heard from anyone who has actually laid eyes on your house?

MARIO CUOMO, WILDFIRE EVACUEE: No, I haven't heard from anybody. We do not know what happened to the house. We still need to find out.

RIVERA: And how, Mario, are your children faring?

M. CUOMO: Well, it is hard for the two little ones. It is not so easy. It is very hard not to be at home. The two-and-a-half year-old keeps asking, are we going to be here forever? When are we going to go home? And we can't sleep, it is too cold, we can't take any showers, too many people here. We have got to keep an eye on the kids all the time so it is not so easy. It is very hard.

RIVERA: So you do not know how long it will be there and I know there are no showers there. But tell me, how long ago did you buy your home? Describe your home and what it means to you as a family.

M. CUOMO: TYeah. The house means a lot to us. That is the house that Corrinne wanted all the time forever and it was built about four years ago. It's — we bought it two years ago. It is a really nice house. It is the best house that we ever had. We would hate to see it go. We do not know what is going on right now. I hope it didn't get burned.

RIVERA: Mario and Corrinne, you have to know that we wish you the best. Good luck to you. You know, miracles do happen. We see them every half-hour out here on the fire line. And hopefully things will be fine for you. Now let's go back to John in New York.

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