Samsung Announces 4-GB Solid-State Drive

Samsung Electronics said Wednesday that it is readying a 4-Gbyte solid-state flash drive for production in time for the Microsoft Windows Vista timeframe.

The drive's price was not announced.

The new device will work with ReadyBoost, a Vista technology that lets the flash drive serve as a solid-state cache for data and code, speeding up boot times and a return from hibernation.

Samsung's new performance booster can be located virtually anywhere on the motherboard and will be connected through the ATA port, the company said.

Windows Vista will automatically compress the data stored on the device, effectively doubling its capacity.

"By caching Hard Drive data using Samsung's flash SSD and the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, a typical user will see performance gains that will make working with their PC lightning fast," said Don Barnetson, director of flash marketing at Samsung Semiconductor, Inc., in a statement.