Sam Jackson, Cameron Diaz and a really scary movie all at the harsh glare of The Foxlight.

Never cut off Samuel L. Jackson in traffic.  That's the basic rule in Changing Lanes.  Ben Affleck learns the hard way.  These two need desperately to move to a no-fault state.  And get AAA memberships.  Yet this indictment of hit-and-run yuppie road rage is pretty well handled.   

The Sweetest Thing asks the burning cinematic question, "How many more times can Cameron Diaz shake her booty in one of those "sure to be in the trailer" dance numbers?  The answer is apparently at least once more.  The ads say if you liked Something About Mary and My Best Friend's Wedding, you'll love this movie.  What it should have said is if you'd like to see a movie where they Xeroxed many of the same script pages. Plenty of critics found this to be the sourest thing.

Finally, a movie this creepy had better be shown with the lights on. It's actor Bill Paxton's directorial debut, Frailty.  He stars along with Matthew McConaughey as a father-son executing team.  No, it's not a musical.  It plays out like an extended Twilight Zone episode and that's a good bad thing. 

And that's the always creepy world of celebrity chills, thrills and ego spills we mob up every day in the ghoulish glare of The Foxlight.