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For the first time we had a true blue ring set up outside the studio. Surprising that James Toney did not show up to challenge Samuel Peter. They are fighting January 6 and we really thought their fireworks would make for good TV instead we saw Don King who is always hard to ignore.

Tuesdays means Tiki Barber is in on "Fox and Friends First" and was his bubbly self. Giants fans, he did say off camera he expects the team to get to the playoffs, but his ribs are killing him and it's already Tuesday thanks to Dallas. He did lament that he did not get 43 more yards to go over 10,000 for his career.

As for the show Gretch and Steve joined in all the fun. As usual Gretchen filling in for Kiran Chetry who is with Mike Straka at the Billboard Awards. Just think, if I didn't resign from the clarinet in 1980 I could have been at least a presenter!! Kiran filed some great reports and should be out of Las Vegas as soon as she loses all her expense money.

News and notes: Gwyneth Paltrow is now blaming bad translation for her anti-American rant. Hard to believe someone can say how bad America is for three paragraphs and blame her poor Spanish. You buying or is she trying to save her career? I say the latter. Salute Mayor Bloomberg of New York this week. We find out if the trans fat ban takes root and all eating establishment are forced to change oils or be fined and closed. Hey it tastes great but kills you; not a good trade off for my money. Look for more cities to follow like they did his smoking ban.

The story of the Tuesday Friends show was the back-to-back appearances of FOX heavyweights Brit Hume and Bill O'Reilly. Their insights of President Bush were greatly appreciated and insightful.

Thanks so much for watching and keeping us No. 1 in cable. Next stop: CBS!


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