Saddam's Time Is Running Out

The grains of sand are falling through the hourglass and, as you know, Saddam Hussein's time runs out tomorrow night.

Even on the eve of war, the question remains on the minds of many, many, many people: Is it worth it?

I say it is and for these reasons:

1. The French and I disagree, but I don't think Saddam is ever going to allow himself to be nibbled to death by inspectors. He will retain his weapons to pose a threat, and if given enough time, he will get the big one — a nuke — that will make him impregnable. The game would then be over. If he gets a nuke, he has deterrence. Nobody would ever be able to get him out of there.

2. Sept. 11 demonstrated our vulnerability. It showed us that people can attack us when they want to if they have the ability to hide until they want to attack.

3. Most importantly, we eliminated Afghanistan as a state where terrorists could hide and plot. We cannot stand down now and let Iraq become the next Taliban-controlled Afghanistan — a place where terrorists have state protection, help with money, passports and the weapons to attack.

When the states that harbor terrorists are either eliminated or convinced it's not a healthy business, terrorists will have to operate in states where we have police and security arrangements — where we can run the terrorists down just like we are doing now in Britain, Germany, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

With no Iraq and with a demonstration of America's will to act, terrorists will have to operate without state protection and states will understand that there are grave consequences to giving aid and comfort to people who would attack us.

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