Saddam's Stash?

And now the most intriguing two minutes in television, the latest from the political grapevine:

Pagans Push White House

The Wiccans, the Druids and other pagan groups across the country --including some who practice witchcraft -- are bombarding the White House with letters and emails, demanding an apology from its director of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, James Towey, for saying he has never seen a pagan group that -- "cares for the poor," adding -- "helping the poor is tough work, and only those with living hearts seem drawn to it."

Pagans, according to the Washington Post, say he's wrong, citing their food drives in honor of Pagan Pride Day (search) and the more than $50,000 donated by Pagan Pride groups to homeless shelters and other charities.

Saddam's Stash?

A former Iraqi air defense commander says Saddam Hussein (search) had weapons of mass destruction and had his Fedayeen forces deliver them to front-line military units for the war. Lt. Col. Al-Dabbagh says Saddam's arsenal included warheads filled with biological or chemical weapons that could be attached to rocket propelled grenades.

But, Al-Dabbagh tells London's Telegraph, the weapons were not used because most of the Iraqi army feared -- "terrible consequences" from coalition forces. Al-Dabbagh also says he's the one who provided British authorities with controversial intelligence that Saddam could deploy weapons of mass destruction in less than 45 minutes.

Daniel's Day Job

The New York Times' first so-called public editor responsible for watching the paper's integrity, Daniel Okrent (search), has introduced himself in The Times, portraying himself as a centrist who supports free speech and free trade and who thinks the late Cardinal John O'Connor was a great man. But he also says that -- "by upbringing and habit, I'm a registered Democrat ... I'm a supporter of gay rights and abortion rights." And says he thinks it's -- "unbecoming for the well off to whine about high taxes."

Republican Recognition?

And from the wonderful world of education, Wells College in central New York has recognized the Wells Democrats as an official campus organization, but the school has yet to recognize the College Republicans as such. The chairman of the College Republicans calls the student government's recent denial for official recognition -- "retribution for the unpopular political views we espouse." A school spokeswoman says she doesn't know why the College Republicans were denied recognition.

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report