Saddam's Choice: All or Nothing

The U.S. is floating a list of bullet points on a new resolution it wants from the U.N. Security Council.

Here are the highlights about Iraq, of course.

• The U.S. will be part of any inspection team in Iraq. The inspectors

will set up in Iraq with a force of U.N. soldiers to protect them, many of whom will be Americans.

• The U.N. will have the right to declare no-fly zones, no-drive zones and ground and air transit corridors to be protected by U.N./U.S. forces. Iraq must agree to free and unrestricted landing of aircraft, including unmanned spy planes.

•  The U.N. can take anyone it wishes out of the country to be interviewed, along with his or her family... and here's the kicker: any false information provided by Iraq or failure to comply brings on the steel hurricane.

Now, some people are saying this is a resolution designed to make Iraq say no. I don't think so. I think these are fairly reasonable demands considering the circumstances, considering Saddam Hussein is a guy who has played the cheating game for more than a decade and has no reason to stop cheating unless he is forced to. These are very reasonable demands.

France wants less. France is going to make noises about less. China may do the same and so may Russia. But the U.S. should stick to these demands and make those countries explain why they trust Saddam and why they think the U.S., which has been so good to all those countries for so many years, should not be trusted and why its word should not be taken.

Put it this way, it's either the invasion of inspectors or the invasion of the U.S. military. Saddam should be forced to choose.

That's My Word.

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