Saddam Is Out of Power Because of Bush's War

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As you will hear later, I received a huge amount of objection from Bush haters about my explanation of the logic in their 'Bush lied' mantra.

We're talking about the war, of course. The Democrats are crazed to make the Bush lied charge stick because they see an opportunity to make up for the Kerry loss by a big win in the midterm elections — a chance to sweep Republicans out and put Dems in.

Thursday I said the flaw in the Bush lied logic is that when you follow that line of thinking, this is what you get:

Bush lied means the war was wrong means Saddam (search) should never have been deposed and that means Saddam should be put back in power.

So I get all these outraged letters saying, "John, you're so dumb. Nobody wants Saddam back in power, but Bush lied."

Ok, but the war was what removed Saddam from power. It wasn't going to happen any other way.

Bush launched the war to put him out of power. If Bush had not launched the war, Saddam would still be in power. You cannot have Saddam out without endorsing Bush's war.

If you oppose Bush's war, if you say it never should have happened, you are saying you would prefer we rolled back the clock pre-March 19, 2003 and Saddam is running Iraq.

I also said we can make this happen today. All we have to do is open the jailhouse doors. The Sunnis will rush to pick him up, return him to Tikrit (search) and we'll see what a real insurgency looks like.

Of course the Dems don't want that. They like it that Saddam is in jail, out of power.

But they also like to bash Bush. No WMD (search) found equals Bush lied. It also means all those Democrat politicians who said the same thing also lied. But no, they were just in error because Bush lied to them.

Face it. This is about putting the war on trial for the purpose of winning the next round of elections. It has nothing to do with the war itself, really.

Next time someone says Bush lied you should say, "Ok, I presume you want Saddam sprung from jail and put back in charge of Iraq."

Because that is what it means — unless you're a Democrat consumed with hate for Bush and his supporters.

That's My Word.

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