Sad Clown: Circus Bars Giant, Floppy Shoes Due to 'Health' Concerns

A circus has saddened a clown after telling him he could no longer wear giant, floppy shoes due to health and safety concerns.

The circus' safety adviser, Larry Dewitt made the ruling after clown Valerik Kashkin fell 9-feet and broke his foot during a tight-rope act at a show in Liverpool, England.

He was told that his wacky size 18 shoes violated the circus' insurance policy. Kashkin said the ruling is unjustified.

“I feel fine despite the sore foot and I think if I don’t wear the big boots the impact might be lost on the audience," he said. “But now I’ve got to do the balancing act in normal sized shoes and it just won’t be the same.”

Valerik, 40, hoped to carry on as normal with the Moscow State Circus after his fall during a show at Sefton Park in Liverpool.

His routine includes getting dressed while walking along a cable, and playing drums, trumpet and double bass all at the same time.

The safety adviser said the oversized shoes make the act too dangerous.

“The problem is he can’t feel the wire between his feet with the boots on," said Dewitt. "He’s walking blind.”

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