Sackin' Samoud: Destroy Them All, or Another Saddam Stall?

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One day before a U.N. deadline, it remains to be seen whether Iraq will destroy its Al Samoud 2 missiles, which it has agreed "in principle" to do.

The Iraqi claim surfaced Thursday after chief weapons inspector Hans Blix said Baghdad's disarmament efforts have been "very limited so far."

The mixed signals were likely to provide ammunition to supporters and opponents of a quick war to disarm Iraq.

Sackin' Samoud: Destroy them all, or another saddam stall?

A sample of your responses:

I think my grand baby could deduct that Saddam is stalling. I think we should have taken Saddam out in January, we have delayed too long. Saddam is probably going to get a Tv show after he leaves office.
Fred N.

Saddam will destroy the Al Samoud Missles if given the chance, but the technique will be through the air and on a neighbors' soil. We should not ignore that possibility.
John A.

Lawyers, in particular, will appreciate Saddam's antics because they use them in the discovery process in civil trials:  1.  Refuse and deny access;  2.  Admit a little;  3.  Begin trickling the requested discovery to opponents; and,  4.  Agree to full discovery just prior to a court enforcement order.  Its all about appearance and nothing about substance.
Robert J.

Of course Saddam will destroy the couple of Samouds that were discovered by the inspectors. The larger question is how many more Samouds, how much more gas, how many more biological weapons does he possess. The President and his administration are correct. Saddam should be bringing them to the inspectors for destruction, not playing hide and seek. Is there a more devious person in the world then Saddam?
Glenn C.
Atlanta, GA

The destruction of the missles is just another stall tactic just give him more time to do something far more important and beneficial to him. A magician directs the audiences attention away from what he is really doing in order to accomplish his illusion. Excuse me, while Sadam stalls and has attention directed at the "puny" concession to destroy a couple of missles, what is he really doing?
R. Wilson
Walker, LA

Saddam's still Stallin instead of Sackin Samouds so Send the Soldiers to Stop his Sly, Secretive, Subversive, Suspicious, Sadistic, Stupid and Selfish behavior to make the world Safer and Solve the Situation for the Iraqi people!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course this is a stalling tactic!! We were MEANT to find those missiles! Saddam is trying to buy time, and this was a brilliant move. He wanted us to find those missiles so that all of the UN nations opposing forceful disarmament would have a reason to continue inspections. By doing this, he hides his chemical and biological weapons programs and seems like he is complying with UN resolutions to disarm. The US, UK, Spain, and other nations supporting further resolutions of forceful disarmament need to remain steadfast in their cause, and insist on Iraqi disarmament immediately.
Linda M.
Dayton, OH 

Saddam is stalling, and who can blame him it has worked for twelve years.
Jerry D.
Memphis, TN

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