'S.W.A.T.,' 'Le Divorce' and 'Freaky Friday'

So S.W.A.T.? "Le Divorce" le sucks and Jamie Lee Curtis 'Freaks' out in the Foxlight.

They've got us surrounded this weekend at the movies. So throw out your Twizzlers and put your hands in the air, the S.W.A.T. team has arrived. USA Today says you'll be holding your date hostage at this one. They give it two stars.

That's two very iffy movies in a row for the lecherous leprechaun Colin Farrell (search). Remember "The Recruit?" And Samuel L. Jackson? He's already bomb proof. Bad movies just bounce right off him. There's plenty of action, but as one critic said "there isn't much difference alphabetically or otherwise between "S.W.A.T." and 'so what?'" Boxofficeguru.com says it'll be No. 1 and make $28 million.

Next, it's one more reason to hate the French. Kate Hudson's (search) new "Le Divorce" is set in Paris and it fizzles according to one review.

What are the snooty Merchant Ivory team doing directing and producing this thing? Kate's another one who needs a hit. Remember "Alex and Emma?" The always lovely Naomi Watts co-stars along with Glenn Close and Leslie Caron. Boxofficeguru.com says it's only opening on 34 screens so don't expect many euros this weekend. It goes wider in the weeks to come -- or goes to video.

That leaves the one legitimately funny movie that I never would have thought would be so great. Jamie Lee Curtis (search) is a hoot playing her 15-year-old daughter in the third version of "Freaky Friday." Critics agree this one is laugh out loud funny. I would have guessed this was strictly teen fare but take the whole family. It opened Wednesday and guru says over the five-day period look for a very un-freaky $27 million.