Russell Crowe, Barry White and Bea Arthur

He may have gotten an Oscar nomination, but Mister Whiney still isn't happy. Russell Crowe said Tuesday he is not satisfied with his acting work. That's a good way to get the Oscar voters on your side, Russ.

Feeling romantic around Valentine's Day? Lovemeister and uber-crooner Barry White says people everywhere tell him they make love to his music. Oooooooh baby. But does it work for sharks? Officials at an English Sea Life Center have been playing White's hits through loudspeakers near a group of ten sharks — five male and five female. The curator says there's been research that fish are affected by music — and are also sensitive to different types. Supposedly, after they first heard White's music, the sharks seemed to be a little more excited — and were chasing each other around the tank. But so far, that's about all.

Finally, some dreams don't come true. If, like me, you've been wishing for a Golden Girls or Maude reunion, keep dreaming, says Bea Arthur. The actress says no dice, even though, she's known for her sitcom work wherever she goes. Maude, say it isn't so.