Running Man: Rudy Giuliani

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I spent Sunday with Rudy Giuliani in New Hampshire and today we aired part one of our two-part interview with the GOP frontrunner.

I was amazed at the passion the crowd at the track showed towards the former New York mayor who, by the way, might be the biggest Yankee fan in the world. These Red Sox fans treated him like a Hollywood actor and most wanted his autograph. I am not sure I ever saw something like this on the campaign trail — maybe after they reach office, but not on the journey.

On Tuesday you will see one of the first "walk and talks," where I actually pulled off a "walk" and talk. So often the interviewee stops when making a point, but Rudy rolled right through the track and we were followed by about 100 people. I just was struck on how much he loved meeting people and the crowds. We in New York know how much controversy surrounded his mayorship and at times feel like I am covering a different guy in 2007. I will say this: There is not an issue he refused to talk about including his personal life.

Check out the pics above from the speedway!

As for our show, we were a lot of O.J. and then a little more O.J. Any time a notorious double-murderer avoids jail and was famous before the crime, he will get our attention and Simpson just can't seem to stay out of trouble. O.J. was telling the truth about one thing: He does have friends and one even asked him to be best man at his wedding. That wedding is what brought him to Las Vegas to begin with and, by the way, the guy claims O.J. is his best friend.

On the War and Terror front, Colonel Hunt and Kelly McCann were their normal, fiery, insightful selves and special thanks to The Great Scott for closing us out with a great steak segment which also included soup.

In sports, a great slate of games to review in the NFL, but too little time to examine them all. After all, we are a news channel. I apologize to Vikings and Lion fans for wrongly stating Minnesota won their contest, it was really Detroit and now they are 2-0 on the year. Sorry! What is most intriguing is the news that the investigation into the Patriots' transgressions is continuing and there may be a problem with New England stealing radio signals in games — hearing opponents' plays ahead of time. If this is true, Belichick has to be fired or suspended.

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