Runaway Lettuce Truck Lands in Man's Kitchen

A truck carrying boxes of lettuce drifted off an interstate highway in southern Utah and didn't stop until it plowed into a man's kitchen.

The Utah Highway Patrol identified the driver as Ernest King, a 54-year-old Canadian whose body was taken to Salt Lake City for an autopsy.

Investigators believe King fell asleep at the wheel or had a medical problem when he veered Thursday off northbound Interstate-15 eight miles from the Arizona border.

Sgt. Dan Ferguson said King didn't hit the brakes or swerved once when he left the highway, ran over a fence, hit three parked cars and crashed into four units of a housing complex.

David Clark and a friend had just sat down in his kitchen when the truck came crashing through a wall and stopped, Wendy Woolsey told The Spectrum of St. George.

Clark and Woolsey survived with minor injuries.