Rumsfeld Hill Grill: Proper, or Political?

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (search) told lawmakers Friday he was sorry for not informing them about the abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison and he offered a personal apology to those Iraqis who had suffered abuse.

"These events occurred on my watch as secretary of defense, I am accountable for them and I take full responsibility," Rumsfeld said. "To those Iraqis who were mistreated by the U.S. armed forces, I offer my deepest apology."

Rumsfeld made his comments under oath first before the Senate Armed Services Committee and later to the House Armed Services Committee.

Rumsfeld Hill Grill: Proper, or Political?

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I think it's all political and wonder if any of them really care about the country.
Irene R.

Donald Rumsfeld has to be held responsible as he is the Secretary of Defense and this is under his remit. The US Army is suppose to be one of the most discipline military powers in the world this should never happen! You only have to listen to General Kimmit speak to understand that chain of command structure is suppose to be second to none. Regardless of what other nations do to there POWs we are bound by the Geneva convention and are a world super power and leader. We have not found any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and we as Americans were told we are now in there to get rid of a brutal dictator and set up a democracy. To the world we are showing that we have treated prisoners the same way as Saddam Hussein which is unacceptable.  
Tom T.

I think it is proper that he answer congressional questions. It is a political plum for the anti-American democrats and it should not be televised.
Mike M.

It's all political.
Lenn H.
Bethesda, MD

Tell Congress and you tell the world. I fault CBS for airing those photos knowing the reaction that was bound to happen around the world. CBS is extremely liberal and probably wanted to provide fodder to the democrats with no concern for our young men and women serving honorably in Iraq and other nations. Definitely political.
Jean W.
St. Petersburg, FL

This is totally political. What is the issue the act of abuse or the pictures. It should be about the mistreatment of the prisoners, and this was investigated. The pictures are being made a political issue by the Dems.
Chuck P.

RUMmenstein is an anomaly. He's the only person in the Pentagon briefing room who doesn't know what he's doing or talking about. Stays. Goes. Who cares. I'm 23 and I need to say GROW UP! This country has shifted to complete and utter abhorrent micromanagement, including the government. 
Jake B.
Lincoln, NE

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