Rudy Giuliani Says Confederate Flag Issue Should Be Decided By States

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Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani waded into the debate over the Confederate flag during a stop in Alabama on Tuesday, saying he believed it should be up to states to decide whether to fly it.

“One of the great beauties of the kind of government we have, which is a national/federal government, is that we can make — on a broad range of issues — we can make different decisions in different parts of the country,” Giuliani said in response to a question about flying the flag over the Alabama Capitol, according to The New York Times.

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“We have different sensitivities, and at different times we are going to come to different decisions, and I think that is best left up to the states," Giuliani said.

Alabama does not fly the Confederate flag over the Capitol and state officials have made no plans to do so, but the issue played a role in the 2000 elections when questions came up over the flag being flown just outside the South Carolina State House.