Rudy Giuliani Criticized for Ad Using Image of Child-Care Worker Without Her Permission

A child-care worker in Harlem is criticizing Rudy Giuliani for using a photo of her and other caregivers in a new television ad without first receiving her permission.

The New York Daily News reports Wednesday that Marisol Molina, a worker at the Hale House, only agreed to be photographed with the former New York mayor when he visited in 2005. She said she was disappointed when she saw her image in the GOP presidential candidate's new TV ad highlighting his career as a federal prosecutor and mayor.

She and other workers at the Hale House, along with three toddlers, appear briefly in the ad as part of a montage.

"I know he's running for president, but I don't want to be involved," Molina told the Daily News.

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The Hale House reportedly gave Giuliani permission to use the picture on his Web site without asking Molina or others in the picture. The campaign later went on to use it in the ad.

The complaints are similar to those raised by an Iowa waitress and single mother whose personal story was weaved into campaign talks by Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Anita Esterday told NPR in early November that she was taken aback when Clinton, who visited her restaurant the month before, made reference to her in campaign speeches, saying she wished she had been asked first whether her life story could be used.