Round Two

Dear Viewers,

Yes, the thought of another airport and another plane ride is daunting, but the thought of covering another debate is exciting.

We know the drill — arrive in the city of the debate, rush to the hotel, check in and then rush to the location for the media credentials. Of course, each of us also hopes there is no administrative problem — the last thing you want to find out is that your name has been left off the secret service list. And, there are always a few hotel problems — in Cleveland the hotel had "overbooked" and someone on our staff was without a room. We worked it out — she got sent to another hotel — but not until after we had all spent some time trying to work it out. There were not many hotel rooms free in Cleveland with the arrival of virtually the entire press corps — including journalists from foreign countries. Sometimes it gets so chaotic when the entire press corps descends upon a city and their hotels that you are happy to get a smoking room even if you are a non-smoker! Your standards for a hotel room changes from "no smoking" to "anything will do."

Today I have posted most pictures from the vice presidential debate (search) in Cleveland (see photoessays part II and III) — I hope you enjoy them. Friday night I will take pictures in St. Louis so that you get the behind the scenes from St. Louis. The plan is to post them on Monday.

Speaking of Monday — and because we at "On the Record" have not gotten enough of airplane rides — we going to fly to California for the Peterson trial (the defense starts on Tuesday.) If all goes as planned, we will fly mid-week to Arizona for the third debate between President Bush and Senator Kerry... and then back to the East Coast.

Finally, after Friday night's debate, go to and vote who you think won the debate (not who you are going to vote for.) During our show tonight we will be discussing the poll results.


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