Radio talk show host Dave Ross (search) lives in Seattle but does national commentary. He has decided that the radio waves are no longer the best forum for his opinions, so he is running for Congress as a Democrat, vying for the seat being vacated by retiring GOP Rep. Jennifer Dunn.

While Ross has announced his intention to run, the official filing deadline isn't until July. He said he plans to stay on the radio in the meantime, infuriating opponents.

"What Dave Ross is doing is unfair, unethical and might very well be illegal," said Chris Vance, Washington Republican Party (search) chairman.

The state GOP is threatening legal action and asking the Federal Election Commission (search) and Federal Communications Commission (search) to step in.

Republicans are not the only ones upset by Ross' decision. His Democratic primary opponent is calling for equal airtime.

"He's getting $72,000 a day of free advertising, and we want the station to give us 15 hours a week," said candidate Alex Alban.

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