Rosie Takes on Joan Rivers, Plus P. Diddy and Britney

Rosie takes on Joan Rivers, plus P. Diddy and Britney in the bright virginal glow of The Foxlight.

Rosie O'Donnell is about to retire from her talk show. Maybe she thinks everyone in show business should hang it up. Her latest target? Rosie says Joan Rivers should quit the pre-awards show schtick. She says Joan doesn't know who the stars are on the red carpet.

As an example of Joan's award-show antics, Roise points to the Golden Globes on Sunday when Sarah Jessica Parker walked in with co-star John Corbett. Joan welcomed the Sex and The City star by name but turned to Corbett and said "And you, you, you..." Until some E! producer finally told her who he was in her ear. Joan? You, you, you still coming to the Oscars?

Pick up on aisle seven? P. Diddy says he sometimes goes out to meet women at the supermarket. He says it's one way to meet "normal" people — those who aren't in show business. In an interview on Last Call with Carson Daly, the rapper says he sometimes goes out close to midnight to "do a little shopping" — whether he needs food or not. Which aisle does he go to scout women? Produce. He says "there's something about a woman with fruit in her hand."

Finally, Britney Spears says it's rude that people keep asking her if she's a virgin. Well, she started it. The warbling nymphet announced a while back that she was going to stay chaste until she married. She's not married. And she's not talking. Except to say quit asking.