Rockies Shut Down Online Ticket Sales After Demand Slams Computer System

The Colorado Rockies suspended World Series ticket sales on Monday after demand overwhelmed their computer system.

"Right now we're shutting the system down .... We expect to be online at some point," club spokesman Jay Alves said.

Fans booed as Alves made the announcement outside Coors Field.

"We're as frustrated and disappointed as they are," Alves said of the fans.

The Rockies said up to 20,000 tickets would be available for each World Series game in Denver but opted for online sales only, saying that would be the most fair.

Alves said last week the Rockies were prepared for any computer problems. But he said Monday there 8.5 million hits, or attempts to connect with the computers, in the first 90 minutes after sales started.

Only several hundred tickets had been sold before the system had to be shut down, he said.