Three people were killed during a Thanksgiving motel robbery and the robbers escaped with a cash drawer and safe, police said.

The shootings at the Airport Inn were captured by a security camera, police said. Police had the tape, but no arrests had been made Saturday.

Police Capt. Herman Hinton said the men may have killed the three victims to eliminate witnesses. The dead included the front desk clerk, a Texas truck driver staying at the motel and a woman who may have arrived to check in.

"This is a heinous crime," Hinton said.

Motel manager Rufus Carroll said that the video showed the two robbers entering the lobby about 3 p.m. They approached the truck driver first and shot him before he had a chance to stand up, according to the video. The clerk was shot when she attempted to flee, Carroll said.

The third victim was apparently shot before the men went behind the front desk to grab a drawer filled with $300 in cash and the safe.

A motel resident discovered the bodies about 3:30 p.m. Two guests, both hurricane evacuees, called police.