Road to the White House

Just when you thought you can format a Friday show, out walks a tardy Michael Jackson (search) in pajamas. Beats talking about Hezbollah! Actually it doesn't, but this is just getting weirder by the day. No winners in this trial and if the accuser wants money he is out of luck, because by most accounts Jacko is broke-o.

Gotta hand it too private investigator Ernie Rizzo — his blunt description of the accusations caught all of us by, let us just say, by surprise. If you had kids around we apologize because we did not tell him to keep his remarks family-friendly.

If you missed the show it was about more than Michael. I spoke with Derek Jeter (search) about his Yankees and E.D. talked spanking from the parenting perspective with two experts who, get this, didn't agree. Steve and I talked to a FBI guy about the depressing reality that we have no handle on the sleeper cells in the country and the entire agency will not be on one computer system for three years. Wow, that's great news. Boy, do I feel safe. I will say if I am president and my FBI director takes seven years to computerize his bureau, he's fired!

On the political front, we saw two noteworthy situations take place. First, The New York Post's Debra Orin offered her take on Hillary — and now Bill's — push to the side of President Bush. It seems to get to the White House, Senator Clinton and her husband think being left is wrong. Debra thinks Bill and Hill have a plan and are executing it flawlessly to the ire of most Dems. Notice Congressman Ford — who wants to be Senator Ford — says he is excited about private accounts with Social Security! And also note the president called him to join him at a Memphis rally. He's certainly not holding to the Schumer, Ted Kennedy and Barbara Boxer line of no personal accounts, no Social Security deal.

Good-bye, Little Donald. Yes, the action Trump doll has been stricken form the set because I feel I have properly paid back Donald Trump for putting my book on "The Apprentice." He product-placed my book on his show and I answered him back in the hope his lawyers will not follow though on their demand for 10 percent of my book royalties. By the way, if you 'd like a signed copy, just go to and order with your customized request, "The Games Do Count."

Have a great weekend and watch "FOX & Friends Weekend."


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