Go back three spaces, Mr. Monopoly. There's a new millionaire on the board — John Kerry (search).

In "Kerryopoly," the Republican National Committee (search) roasts the Democratic presidential candidate with an online satire of his well-heeled lifestyle.

Players begin with just $40,000 in Kerryopoly money, the average national household income. "After a few trips around the board, most players will be millions of dollars in debt, proving that John Kerry's lifestyle is out of reach and out of sync with most Americans," RNC communications director Jim Dyke said in a statement.

Three leading Republicans in the federal government — President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney (search) and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist of Tennessee — are multimillionaires. Asked Tuesday if their lifestyles also were out of reach of most Americans, RNC spokeswoman Christine Iverson responded "no" but declined to elaborate.

On the RNC Web site at gop.com, players can move around a Monopoly-style board filled with spaces denoting Kerry properties instead of traditional Atlantic City landmarks like Boardwalk (search) and Park Place (search).

Kerryopoly players who land on Beacon Hill, where Kerry owns a house, pay $6.9 million. Land on Scaramouche, the Kerry yacht named after a fictional French swashbuckler, and pay $700,000.

Need something less pricey? One spot is just $1,000 — the amount, the RNC says, Kerry paid for a haircut.

The site features a photo of Kerry with a top hat, recalling the mustachioed icon Mr. Monopoly, formerly known as Rich Uncle Pennybags. "Like a lot of celebs, he had a name change," Hasbro Games spokesman Mark Morris said.

The game maker has not sanctioned or endorsed the GOP's waggish take on its best-selling board game.