RIP: Don Imus' Career?

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Tuesday's show was lighter than most with an in-depth look at Larry Birkhead's DNA and Don Imus' career autopsy.

In the end, Imus looks to benefit in the ratings as the nation can't get enough of this story. In turn, many will tune in to hear him insult, rant and rave about the world as we know it. I personally have a hard time seeing his face on our channel and especially on our show. My fear is that he will get so much criticism that he'll be viewed as a martyr.

What he said was deplorable upon further review much of what he says runs along the same vein each and every day. It all comes down to how many sponsors stick around because his guests will come back eventually.

What we did not talk about today was Iran's unproven claim that they are a nuclear nation and the peaceful, but angry, demonstration in Najaf, Iraq. Guess where there were no protests. Give up? Sunni regions. It seems many Sunni sheiks now count the U.S. as their ally and helped us get Al Qaeda in Ramadi. Do you know they now have Sunni cops on the corners and Sunnis in the regional military? Didn't think so.

I watched John McCain on "60 Minutes" and many point out that he did have security with him as he strolled through Baghdad. What I got from his interview was a Sunnis sheik trumpeting his new alliance with the U.S. It's a pretty amazing story that's all but ignored because we're so fatigued by the war and overwhelmed with negative news.

Tuesday's highlight for me was meeting and hosting Martin Short. The guy is talented and definitely likes Steve better then me.

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