Rice Student Missing Since 2007 Found Alive on Another Campus

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A Rice University student missing since December was found, and arrested, on another campus in California, Berkeley Police said Thursday.

Matthew Wilson, 21, was detained by police on a routine patrol of the campus at the University of California at Berkeley Wednesday night, where he was found using a laptop in a classroom. He was arrested in connection with trespassing and theft charges after investigators learned who he was.

"He was detained because he was trespassing in the building after hours, and later admitted to the officer his true identity," Sgt. Mary Kusmiss, the public information officer for the Berkeley Police Dept. told FOXNews.com Thursday.

According to Kusmiss, Wilson had gone missing voluntarily and there was no indication of foul play.

"He later told our detectives that he wanted to 'disappear,' " Kusmiss said.

Following an interview, Wilson was transported to a local hospital for a medical evaluation where he will remain for the next few days.

A straight-A computer science major at Rice, Wilson last was seen in his off-campus apartment in Houston on Dec. 15. He later withdrew $500 from his bank account and his car disappeared.

Police found Wilson's car, as well as several of his belongings, on June 10.

In recent weeks, authorities received "a couple dozen" sightings of Wilson in the Berkeley area, Kusmiss said.

"Our officers pursued the leads, but none had turned into anything," Kusmiss told FOXNews.com

According to police, Wilson had been living on the streets for the past few weeks and appeared disheveled when he was detained.

Wilson's mother, Cathy, who recently traveled to Berkeley to search for her son, told MyFOXHouston.com she worried about him and was relieved he has been found.

Berkeley police did not know where Wilson was living or what he was doing during most of the eight months he was missing.

"We know that he has been in Berkeley at least since his car was found," Kusmiss said.

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