Rhode Island Police Officer Indicted After Allegedly Beating Suspect Into Coma With Flashlight

A Providence police officer has been indicted on charges that he assaulted a restrained man with a flashlight.

A Providence County grand jury on Monday charged Detective Robert DeCarlo with assault with a dangerous weapon and misdemeanor simple assault during the Oct. 20 arrest of Luis Mendonca.

Surveillance video in a Providence parking lot shows police surrounding an apparently handcuffed Mendonca as one officer kicks and strikes him. A lawyer for the 21-year-old Mendonca has said his client was in a coma for two days and needed staples to close a gash in his head.

DeCarlo is the third Rhode Island police officer in as many months to be charged with beating a suspect.

His lawyer says the video doesn't tell the full story and that his client was reacting to a very dangerous situation.