Patrick Crowe says he is having a blast promoting talk-show icon Oprah Winfrey for president. Winfrey's lawyers are not.

Crowe has been unofficially campaigning for the first lady of daytime TV for years. The Kansas City man's Web site, www.oprah08.net, comes complete with a campaign song and volunteer sign-up. He also sells "Oprah for President" T-shirts.

The retired math teacher's unflappable support has recently drawn the ire of Winfrey's lawyers, who sent Crowe a letter on Aug. 22 demanding that he remove her picture from the Web site and a book he is selling. The letter said Crowe's zeal has crossed into copyright and trademark infringements.

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But Crowe is persistent. The Web site remained up Sunday, and he has been fielding requests for radio interviews.

"It has become increasingly serious to me," Crowe, who opposes the Bush administration and its foreign policy, told The Kansas City Star for a story Friday. "I know Oprah can do better than that."

Crowe believes Winfrey could bridge partisan lines with her charm. He also noted Winfrey's business acumen, widespread name recognition and reputation as a woman of compassion and determination.

A spokeswoman for Harpo said that Winfrey has said she has no political aspirations.